Bush Cherries

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I planted some Nankin and Hansen bush cherries 3 years ago (this is the 3rd season) and I have never seen so many little cherries in my life. They are about the size if a small pea and delicious. I made 9 half pints and 3 pint of jelly. The seed is the same size as a regular cherry seed but so much easier to work with and I don't have to climb to get the fruit and no juice running down my arm while picking. The berries were so thick on the vines that it didn't take long to pick them. They make a real good snack to. These are the Nankin. The Hansen haven't ripen yet but last year there were a few berries and they were black and I don't think they were very good. If I remember correctly they were kinda bitter.
I have 3 Nanking Bushes and I love the jelly from them. I also have an Evans Cherry and they are a lot bigger cherry then the Nankings and also make dekicious jelly. My trees are loaded this year also as we have had plenty of rain so I will be busy about late June.
I made some cherry jam last year and the grandkids were true to form. As long as there is Marionberry jam, they don't touch anything else.
Thanks for the info. I've wondered what the difference was between the Nanking and Hansens. Which would you say has a true pie cherry taste?

Randy,your making me hungry!!!
Sorry Ron but I have to disagree with you. I think the nanking has the best true cherry pie taste. To me the hansens has a dry quinine taste to them but I also realize everyones taste is different.

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