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I live in NY and we have been heating the greenhouse, as a new business owner I am trying to find out if can I claim heating a greenhouse on my taxes and is there a limit?? I have searched the web and come up empty handed on this. so any help from you all would be wonderful, thanks Karen.
Hey Karen,
I have businesses for years and always do my own taxes. ( you are protecting stock or your office is in there) then yes it should be a deduction. Think of it this way if heating the greenhouse keeps you in business and is your business( plants seedlings and such) it should be a business expense. IRS.Gov has a great business section with thousands of links and instructions for small business.They actually have a get started section which has many helpful hints and guidelines for business record keeping and tax prep.It is well worth the time to search that site.

PS. DICLAIMER:I am not a Tax advisor so make sure to check it out before taking my advice
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