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O.K. Here is what I know.
He /she was found in moist soil about 3inches below ground.
When touched tries to attack or scare.
Didn't succeed to scare me, so pretended to be completely dead. Lifeless!
I left it alone,went back after a few minutes and it moved I touched and tested the behavior a few times to two different ones at different times. Only found one at a time in different locations searched the area for another,no sign of another.

Post your critter pics here!

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No critter knowers??
Don't you want to help me out! *lol

Looks like some sort of snake to me...I'm deathly afraid of snakes! They do hibernate underground and a baby is more dangerous (if a poisonous bred) than adults..get a big stick and whoop that thing!!!
What state are you located? Also my husband asked if the critter has a head. If it has a head it isn't a worm.
I could not figure out if it had a head! But one end did try to attack me, *lol So Im guessing yes...
I was truly amazed that he played dead so well nearly had me convinced*LOL
I'm In SE Mi.
I'm guessing some kind of snake but where did he come from and what is his name *LOL


Hard to tell from the pic how long he is. Looks like my earth worms and they will kind of flip around like they are going to attack. But the coloring is funny maybe her is just cold.
Ron has a good point about the slug.
Less then 3 " if I recall correctly.I will see (give me time) if I put a penny near him and took a pic.No,not a slug.Not slimy at all,l found it in moist, not wet soil. But was fine in dry where I put him for quite a while.Not a like worms I meet.*LOL
Not cold it was in Aug.(I think) I know summertime.


I knew it wasn't a snake because you'd see a mouth and eyes at least. That roundworm does look very much like it. Ewww.....I'd rather it be the snake!
I do not believe it is a round worm I believe it is some sort of snake.I have never read or seen round worm pretend death or stand to hiss they are just there like an earthworm, passive .I don't think you will find one by itself in soil.Where would one come from?
I couldn't find a pic to show the size.The belly may have been solid...I do not know...the skin looked like ripples.I didn't touch it with my hand.
Hummmmm...grrrr I may know where to find the answer...

Here is the one of the 3 found in Mi according to this site

Common (Eastern) Garter Snake: Thamnophis sirtalis

The female Garter Snake grows to be about 51.5 cm, and the males grow to about 41.0 cm. The back (or dorsal) of the snake is black and usually has three yellowish lines running the length. There is also a checker board pattern on the back consisting of green, yellow, and black. The under side (or ventral) of the snake is a yellow to greenish color with an indistinct black line. The tip of the nose is brown. This species is not aggressive but will bite if aggravated and will release a foul, musk smelling odor. Juvenile garter snakes have the same checker board pattern, but the main color on their dorsal is brown, and the ventral is a cream color. As the snake ages, the dorsal pattern darkens.

The garter snake is diurnal, but in hot weather the species will become nocturnal. This snake is terrestrial, and may be found in damp areas, or near water such as lakes, stream banks, wetlands, or in wooded areas. Water is not necessary for this snake to live. On the first warm day of spring this species will mate and produce anywhere from 7- 01 young. Garter snakes are ovoviviparous, which means they bear their young alive. Their diet mainly consists of earthworms, fish, amphibians, and other reptiles.

If this is the baby then that may explain who was eating my fish (that were in an earlier used ) enclosed ferret cage! I found this little guy right near it. Now all I have to do is find out how long the gestation (egghood*lol) is.

Whatcha think?
Scroll down a little ...

Kale I saw Garter snakes in the U.K. when I lived there and here 'grass snakes', sorry it doesn't look like either of them but maybe they look different in other zones.

You should have seen my beautiful grass snake that went behind the kid's paddling pool that was up against the wall. I got them out to look at it and one of them just freaked (grandson). :D I just touched his tail and sent him on his way out of the yard so the dogs couldn't get him. I think the kids were totally impressed with my bravery. Hee!

They can give you a bite if you're not carefull though.
Did you look at the links I posted?The second pic Looks like it and there are only 3 kinds of snakes in MI.
Lets see what others think.I am leaning towards that one.

I was thinking Gartersnake also, Kale. We have them here and they come in all different colors and patterns. In my opinion...they are all ICK!! But I am sure they have some purpose...other than freaking me out, otherwise...they would not be here.
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