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So I have tried twice and have had no success with growing strawberries. Both times I have used a pot, seeds from a packet and soil that came with the set. But one time I ate a strawberry and used the uneaten portion and planted it and it did better than the other ones. So I have used the old container with the soil and put 4 strawberry tops in each one. I am just gonna put it outside this time by the garden and wait.

Does it take a long time to grow strawberries or is there something I dont know?? I usually dont grow fruits..only veggies and herbs.

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
I have some berries here, but no strawberries. I have several varieties of blackberries and a couple of varieties of raspberries.
Strawberries are best started from sets. They will reproduce quickly. I have found that yes, they do grow better from fresh straberries than from purchased seeds. There are some berries that reproduce only from the mother plant and not from seeds.
My berries are doing good this second year and i have netted them to keep the birds out. I did mine from plants last year my brother was throwing them away and i went and got them and planted them, a few are getting runners this year. I have never tried them from seeds.
Last year I got a nice cherry harvest, but not this year. The cherries didn't even have a chance to ripen before the birds got every one of them. I had an invitation to pick pie cherries (Montmorency) today though and I am going to take advantage of that.
Blackberries are just about done. Tim picked me some wild berries for my cereal this week , I imagine they will be the last as they are small and dry. :( We only get a few weeks of harvest for the wild berries.
Randy, I am soooo jealous! Montmorency is near to impossible to get here in California.
Hope you don't overdo,stay off them creaky ladders!
They are good ladders. I have several of the oldwer wooden ladders and they are all stepladders. My orchard ladders are aluminum though and very sturdy. Orchard ladders are a tripod with the side where the steps are it is very wide at the bottom. I think my 12' ladders is 4' wide at the bottom and only 1' wide at the top. I like to keep enough ladder that I can lean against for stability and I don't lean away from the center position. I think I have 12 ladders all together.
I have tried the package seeds and got some plants from them but they never amounted to anything. I now have TriStar strawberries and they are just loaded and now starting to ripen. Our wild Saskatoon trees are just heavy with fruit so am waiting for them to ripen also. All our fruit trees are doing real good this year. I can hardly wait for the Nankings to ripen as we are right out of jelly.
I had Tri-Star here for awhile but replaced them with Hood strawberries which is a cultivar developed by the agricultural section of Oregon State University. But I have since redone the berry patch and eliminated the strawberries altogether. I have Cascade Blackberry, Marionberry, Cascade Trailing, Red Raspberry, and Orange Raspberry. The Cascade Trailing is a pollinator for the Cascade Black.
A few years ago, I had purchased some potted plant strawberries. 3 plants to be exact. One died, the 2nd one was dying and the third OK. I figured the remaining where going to die. Boy was I wrong. Decided to plant them out front of my porch and 3 years later, 25-30 pounds of strawberries this year. They divide and conquer. Seems like the more neglect the better, however, if they're not doing anything or struggling, then til them up and buy more plants. Kim loves the fact that she can walk out onto the front porch to pick potted herbs and strawberries.
I dont know what kind of strawberry seeds I had the last two times but now I am going to get some molded strawberries from the frig and try to plant the tops of them to see if they will work??
I have always grown mine from sets. In AZ I did have some luck growing seeds from wild berries found at higher elevations. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to