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Try Cassata Cake Recipe Ease
This is a delicious strawberry cake! I would say this cake 2 in 1!) This is both a cake and ice cream! Excellent dessert!)
My version of cassata cake is a strawberry shortcake in a way, because it has the sponge cake base and the strawberries. I use ricotta cheese for the filling and frosting instead of regular whipped cream or mascarpone or cream cheese.
Another good and enjoyable recipe! Chocolate cake decorated with various tasty and edible things.
The Kit Kat bars in this cake look like a little fence or a basket full of candy, but the look is deceitful, because inside you will find mouthfuls of delicious cake. Kit Kat Cake Recipe
What a tasty page)
Try that one - ube cake
This traditional Filipino cake is probably one of the most interesting desserts I’ve ever tried. I have this recipe from a college friend, who now has her own baking store and this purple yam cake is one of her staple house dishes.

I like this recipe!
pig pickin cake recipe is the taste of home!
This wonderful, fruity cake, bursting with citrus and pineapple flavors and full of bright summer-sun yellow colors will put a smile on your face as if you walked out of a fog into a sunny afternoon.
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