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I live in Northern California and planted a Chinese Pistache in my backyard in May '08. I was very disappointed w/ the (lack of) Fall color last year but chalked it up to the tree being newly planted and young - it never turned anything but various shades of brown before the leaves fell off. At the time I purchased the tree I was unaware of the Keith Davey variety and have since confirmed that the tree we have is NOT that variety (unfortunately); I have also confirmed that our tree is male. My concern is that I have seen other very young trees w/ rather impressive fall color and I can't help but wonder if we have a 'dud' in terms of color performance. I'm going to give it one more Fall season but if it does not produce significant color this year I am tempted to pull it out while it's still young and purchase a Keith Davey variety since the whole point of planting this particular tree was to enjoy the brilliant fall color. I would appreciate any input/advice on this matter.
I am ignorant of those trees, but I would go back to the place of purchase if it was a nursery and voice a complaint. That's something they should have told you unless it was a 'dud'. But that's still grounds for complaint.
Hello and Welcome to the place...I am have seen this growing all over in the Sacramento area...always a wonderful show of color...I would do as Randy said and go back to where you bought the can also get alot of great information at UC Davis if you are close to there at all.. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to