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I enjoy butterflies and grow several plants that encourage their stay.
Post your pics of your butterflies here along with any plant info that encourages them!

Dill, parsley, plantain and milkweed are 4 that encourage some of my butterflies.

We live in different locations and get different butterflies.There are a few that I haven't gotten a chance to id.

Here's where we can find out.

Which do you get !?
Bring your butterflies here for us to see!

I have a swallowtail and a monarch here not certain who the little guy is, but sure enjoyed the Milkweed blooms.



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I've got to go though my pics that I downloaded a few weeks ago and see what I have. I know I took some pics this summer of butterflies
Planted Liatris this year..nothing grew. It came in as a dried out bulb ....planted anyway.

Nice shots!!

Thanks for sharing!

A tiger in my Garden

Tiger swallowtail enjoying zinnias, etc.


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Bee Balm

The butterflies were loving my Bee Balm this past year. I actually got a picture of one!! They were also all over my butterfly bush, but unfortunately, I never got a picture. Hopefully I will do a better job taking pictures this coming year.....sounds like a good new years resolution that I will actually be able to keep ;)
Thanks Mainie ,I sorta figured that and that cost me about 4.00!
You HAVE TO HAVE THE RECEIPT to return! Nothing showed up of course..I was looking through my box of labels and such ,wow Where are all the hundreds of bulbs I planted!Grrrr
Tons never make it past the squirrels...wish my dog knew not to run through my plants I would leave her loose *LOL She is a beagle basset hound and faster then lighting when a squirrel comes but she is always on a leash,no calling her once that squirrel is spotted or smelled!*LOL
Meanwhile I love that Bee Balm!
I have one red,took 2 years to put on a mini show,hopefully this year he will do better, he is in the south Butterfly Rock Garden. Hummers love them!

What annuals do you grow in your Butterfly Gardens!??

I'm going to try Zinnias there this year,I had them near the roses last year,(I just have to plant them back a bit.
I Pinneapple Sage,bloomed too late for the little friends to enjoy.
I am looking for big and tall *LOL!

Kale when you plant your bulbs or as spring approaches and the ground thaws try using chili pepper . If you sprinkle it on the ground so when they start digging it will bother their noses and they will leave without your bulbs!
I tried pouring Louisiana Supreme Habanero Pepper sauce and Tobasco sauce everywhere, even on my wood fence, the path in which they took; they didn't care, they wanted the corn and sunflowers that year and that is all they knew.I even put it on the stems of the sunflower...the head was gone when I got back home.

I have tried and tried over and over again they are landscaping the neighborhood with my bulbs*lol

In terms of gardening for butterflies, the best plants I know of are butterfly weed, common milkweed, and swamp milkweed. The problem with most plants are that they attract the adult butterflies, but butterflies only lay their eggs on a certain plants, and the milkweed family are host plants for a lot of butterfly species. That way, your garden will not only attract adults, but it will breed new butterflies as well.
They must be here kat as I've seen plenty so far......:)


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