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After all most 6 yrs my Connie Mayer has set one bud, its been 4 weeks from the first time I found it and now its starting to look more like an epie flower, its Crossed from H. stenopterus and H. undatus, the flower is a reddish purple this is one of a few night bloomers this color, it just wait for it to bloom in about 2 weeks yet, I had to move all my potted plants inside today we had high winds and lots of rain for about 2 hrs it takes from 6 to 8 weeks from bud to flower, the bigger of the two plants has the bud on it


mine didn't set bud until I moved it into the full sun, they can take lots of abuse but you must feed them once a month starting around Feb until late Oct, or just before the first frost, the only thing I don't like is all the ants that's on the bud, but just like a peony it needs the ants to make it bloom
Oh see I had been babying mine afraid to put it in full sun. I will slowly move it in to more sun
All most

Just about a week to go and it should open,the bud is now 5.5 inches long, new bud is growing faster than the first one did,
Crabbergirl, don't go crazy if your plants starts to get woody looking it will still bloom, don't give up on it, give it time and you will be sitting up waiting for it to bloom or getting up early to see it, I have my chair ready so I can sit and watch it open :D


My Night Blooming Cereus

I have had mine about 3 years I think and a couple two years and one from a cuttings. Last year is the first time I had a bloom and I had 5 or 6 of them.
I hope you can see the bloom. I tried to brighten it without any luck.


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Dor, your night blooming Cereus looks more to be a Hookeri aka Strictum, the flowers are right for a Strictum and its all so a night bloomer, here a pic of a night blooming cereus the leaves are much wider and flatter


Beautiful Gloria!
I had one of those a good 30 years ago and it bloomed wonderfully!
Had to give it away since I was heading to university at the time in my life!
Yes, Bear that is exactly what I have. Thanks for posting your picture to let me let what it really looks like. I have mine in the shade part of my porch but looks like yours is getting some sun.
Dor, your right it is in morning sun and then filtered sun the rest of the day, I found if you keep the roots shaded the don't mine a little more sun,now if I could get my Strictum to bloom I would be a very happy Bear,its over 5yrs old and just keeps growing and no blooms
I love my epies! There is a place that sells cuttings for these beautiful plants and sometimes has grab bags really cheap. I have ordered several times and they were beautiful cuttings. She is very nice and will help you with any questions. They have a page on growing them. Take a look. If this isn't allowed, putting the site here, I am sorry.
We have a bloom

last night it started to bloom around 8:00pm and by 11:00 pm is was open all the way, enjoy until bud 2 & 3 bloom in about 4 weeks :D, its just a shame the flowers don't last longer, if you look real close at pic 2 you can see that a bug has started to eat the flowers :mad:


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