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Those commercial places have to think of some way to get you to buy stuff. It's not enough that they cost a fortune to get in. I guess that's why I've never been to any place like that.


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Bob this morning I deleted the 2 photos I mentioned . They weren't photos that I had shot, somebody else took the photos and I copied them to my album, so I guess I was in violation. ( opps what was it my lawyer told me --never admit anything --if they show you pictures tell them it's your ugly twin sister LOL ) Debe I would think that if you take the pictures yourself then there is no problem posting them. Unless you are using them to sell a landscaping job claiming that it was work that you did.


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I posted 2 pictures in the "Pictures of Past gardens" that I "found" someplace, not sure where. Am I infringing on a possible copyright?

FYI - there are times we all find something great we just have to share - when that happens, the proper way to share it is with a hyperlink to the photo/article or info.
Such as this neat plant identification site I found
- Science U

or this photo Double Wave® Series Petunia Tree

& article I found Construct a Wave Petunia Tree


Thank you.
I have found some of my work floating about. Wasn't pleased to say the least.
I had to delete all my pics. I had pics elsewhere that I wanted to delete and they locked me out. Again, not pleased.
Personal information works that way too. If you came to a conclusion through your experiences (although not proven in some cases to be a scientific fact studied in a lab) and you post it just to share with your friends, it is still yours and need to get credit of the finding, even if it is an idea that you thought of and not found/written in a book to your knowledge, it is yours. If one explains how to do something and it is understood well, unlike what you have read or known to be the way of doing it, then you own it.
Any original idea or action one may take and share at any time or way is still theirs, they thought if it, they own it.

Some people believe information is free, really it isn't. (perhaps to use it to help ones own life work a little easier) although was given freely, but once the receiver takes it a step further and shares with another in any way shape or form; credit is due to the one that gave it. Sorta like a quote :We will give credit where credit is due.

*"Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty".
Ronald Reagan*

Some people may believe they found it online therefore they can take ownership of it .
Not so.

Everyone owns what is theirs, ideas, thoughts, actions (how -to(s) ) along with opinions and photos.

With this in mind ..

Thank you Swindy for telling us something we wouldn't otherwise know. And Being an upright honest example :D!

Thank you all for your input.



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Kale it was Bob that let me know that posting other peoples pictures wasn't Kosher, in his explaination of Copyrights, I had no idea.


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Dizzy thanks for the advice. I followed your link, what a beautiful way to dissplay the petunias. I would love to do that --but I don't think it will happen this year lol


Kale it was Bob that let me know that posting other peoples pictures wasn't Kosher, in his explaination of Copyrights, I had no idea.

I know that Swindy,:D:D
I was referring to you posting pictures that you didn't have personal ownership to(of) and without knowing, posted them.

And when you found out it was not proper to do, you then went and deleted them !:D:) I was talking about you! :)

Understand now:)



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Kale some times I am a little dense :eek: Thanks

Swindy, don't feel bad. I think I am dense ALL THE TIME! :D :eek: I guess that means we're both in good company!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe Dizzy will explain CRS to us.....She coined that acronym. It stands for "Can't Remember S***," but we prefer to refer to it more politely as "Can't Remember Stuff!"
HUMM.. this has been quite interesting reading and very informative. I have wondered about things like that over time. An incident of mine involved research I had done on genealogy. Many people now taking credit for all the work I did!! I am not happy about that.
I will continue to call my attorneys with any quesitons like this in the future. Looks like I will be making lots of phone calls!


Chatty is that public?

My sister started one and it has a password protection feature.
I wasn't happy with her putting all that information!

Sad very sad...



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Very interesting reading. I've had several of my drawings end up as logos without being compensated.
There is a case in the news right now between the street artist that did the Obama poster and AP for copyright infringement.


I came upon this thread and thought I'd add.:)
One fast easy way to have a security in your posting of pictures is;
crop them just a tad and if you ever see it someplace, illegally, only you will have that missing corner or two thus, one way of proving it is yours. There is information embedded in most digital cameras that can prove it was the same camera you own.
Your extra corner (that you cropped out before posing and in an *Original Folder* backed up *lol) will help you prove it was taken from it (your camera )
Another is watermark, there are several programs that can put a watermark, and some are not visible to the naked eye.
About your opinions, knowledge, experience, how to word form communications,
that you freely give.
Write them first in a word doc with date and time in bedded in them, and save in named folder .
Make a folder or ten *lol with just the info you posted and where, I speak of valued information not Happy Birthday *lol
I mean concepts that are informational how to, I did, I found that... although you own all you write, doesn’t hurt to save first. Also, no need to put everything you write into a that folder unless of course you want to. We sometimes underestimate just how valuable the words we write are because we get pleasure out of sharing, keep this in mind. We all have something in our writings that are of value. Posting is one way to prove the date if you haven't saved it in a folder.
Hope this helped you feel more comfortable in posting away!

US Copywrite Laws are strict and faithful in being upheld, protecting our ownership.
As far as my knowledge, with pictures and writings they do not fall short.

Happy Posting and Sharing My Friends!

Now, Hand drawings/painting of any kind...aren't as conclusive.
Someone can add a fence to your scenery and call it theirs,it is a challenge.
Horrifying but ...Sadly a challenge.
My son and daughter are artists,I do not encourage public display unless they do not value that work.

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