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I was wondering if anyone has ordered from direct gardening? They have the re blooming josee lilac that I really want for $9. But I have never ordered from them.
I have placed 3 orders with them this spring (Feb-present) and had no problems. The plants were healthy, everything arrived in good time....JMHO
They lack consistency, in my experience. One time you might get exactly what you ordered, the next time you'll get the wrong variety. And gnu help you if you need customer service.
Well I think I will stick with Spring Hill. I have been with them for 5 years and really like them. They have replaced everything that has died on me with no problem. I just got another rose from them. It is to replace my Golden Showers climbing rose that died.
I have ordered from them for several years now and have not had any problems. I got my lilac bushes from them. They were sticks when I received them and I was disappointed but they have grown into huge bushes and I'm very happy with them. I have ordered lily bulbs with excellent results. My red border lilies have done so well that I ordered some more from them this year and they have all come up. I order from other companies to.
I have ordered from DG & their associate companies many times. I haven't had any problems with them, but do have some tips for anyone shopping with them.

1) SAVE the label from the packaging for one year (have a file for these) and you should have no problems getting replacements.

2) If you do have problems at the beginning - ask for a refund or replacement RIGHT AWAY - do NOT wait. Replacement is going to be easier to obtain than refund, but I always wanted the plants so have never tried for $.

3) ALWAYS copy the label before sending it back.

4) Order bulbs separate from other items. Order bulbs during COOLER times for your area.

5) Their packaging leaves alot to be desired - usually a tough green plastic bag - if PO leaves plants/bag in the sun...... gonna have burned plants (at the least) or possibly mush. That's why I order bulbs separate. But, they do have low shipping. Remember to cut off the shipping label.

6) You can get great deals on ground covers, bulbs, bushes, ect - just keep in mind, for the price - you are going to get small plants, but also at their price, you can afford more.

My Hansen Dwarf cherries (one pic) came from them 2 yrs ago & were sticks with roots when I rec'd them - they are now lovely small bushes which even put out a few cherries last year. Got some great deals on mixed Asiatic lillies, daffs & sedums too - all of which have multiplied & spread well.


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