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okey dokey..

So I'm trying to gear up to try seeds again and of coarse have questions

I've got 20 peat pellets soakin and am going to try some seeds in those as well as direct sow

when I derect sow do Ineed to be concerned about rain?

will they do what they are supposed to do or do I need to watch the weather closely?

so they don't "swim" away?

And with the peat pellets how wet am I supposed to keep them?

do I let them dry out before I add water again,keep a little bit in the tray at all times?


Hey Blue,
Direct sowing is really easier. If you follow the sesonal directions on the package such as the zone map, you should have no concern about weather issues. Direct sowen seeds have an equally as good success rate as those in peat pots, with less work. Sometimes small seeds such as herbs may get floated off in a heavy rian but it usually takes a great deal of water to do that.You can always lay wet newspaper over the smaller seeds that you don't really plant. This will help hold them in place in rain storms, just do not leave it over themif you are not having heavy rains. I love to plant the day before rain. Something about rain that makes things grow faster.;)
Thanks Crabbies...I'm just tryin a litle bit of everything
to see what I can get to work:D

just didn't kow about rain cause all the pacekts talk about is frost:eek:
Wolfie..I keep my peat pellets damp. If ya have some good sun...stick them outside to catch some "rays" ☼ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to