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My DH bought me some little peonies plants two years ago. I planted inthe front yard. They've yet to get more then 6 inches high and 6 or seven inches round. My mom bought from the same company, does less work then me and they are huge every year. The first year my husband ran them over at the end of season with the mower so I put tires over them to ensure he actually does see them.

What can I do to help them improve? I'd really like to see some flowers sometime.

Also my mother gave me some seeds from her peonies and I planted them in pots, how long should it take before I see some growth?
Those are excellent sites, esp the

Seeds may take up to 18 months to germinate & grow.

You need to check a few things to have the healthiest plants -
Where are you located? How many hours of sun do your peonies get each day?
What type soil do you have? What nutrients are missing from your soil, if any?
How deeply did you plant the roots? (the eyes should ideally be no more than 1 inch below the top of the soil).
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