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Could anyone recommend some Dormant Oil Spray. Horticultural oil spray that will not affect my honeybees and will last awhile ?
There are various brands and all work well!
Summer use is not recommended though because the sun will cook the foliage! It would the same thing if you coat yourself in baby oil and then go lay out in the sun! Not a nice thing these days with stronger solar rays!
You can use lime sulphur on a cool cloudy days to do the same thing without damaging the foliage! It shouldn't harm your bees once it dries! Just try not to spray where the bees frequent!
Another thing: Any suggestions for a concentrate that will last about two dozen fruit trees ? Quantity & Quality is what I'm looking for. Not going to spray now, too late. Or should I say too early for Fall....I see the DomOil on the bay, however frown on the $28 shipping for 5 gallons...
Found an alternative to toxic chemicals: Neem Oil Spray concentrate. Kind of expensive per gallon, however goes a very long way, maybe even years. Can be sprayed on any foliage all season long and does not affect bees unless you get it on them. 100% Biodegradable and gets rid of hundreds of bugs, Japanese beetles and fungus types too. This stuff, I found to be really neat how it screws up the bugs reproduction system and kills them/keeps them away. 4 teaspoons per gallon of water and some liquid soap mix, then apply generously.
I was going to suggest Neem, but you looked like you were set on using Dorment Oil!
Neem is a good general purpose insecticide and fungicide!
True, a little goes a long way and it is pricey!
Nice thing is that you wont have to worry about poisoning yourself with the spray drifting on you!
Yea, just bought a gallon of the essential oil. $60.00 shipped on the bay. This should last me several years. I'll keep everyone posted on how it works with the fungus and beetles....Thanks for leading me in the right direction....
That stuff has quite a unique smell ! Wow ! 1oz to 1 gallon of water with a few drops of liquid soap to dilute the oil into the water. Just sprayed onto some fruit trees (without fruit) a few days ago just in case it has a bad reaction. Today it is raining and can see the water beading up on its leaves. All the bees are at home when it's raining.
It does have a oddly pleasant odor!
Wonder if it will help control Black Spot on your peach trees?
Found out the following with Neem oil spraying by observation:

Sprayed onto existing foliage: Peach trees, Nectarines, & Almond trees start to loose their older leaves. New foliage starts to grow afterward. All other fruit trees seem to be thwarting the Japanese Beetles along with the fungus/bacterial spot without loosing foliage. Noticed that the beetles carry some sort of bacteria or fungus when transferring from tree to different tree. Not tested on garden plants yet.
Funny that any tree in the peach family shed their older infected leaves!
You should snap some photos and post them GPM!
Correction: Plum trees are also effected. See pictures.


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Looks like nitrogen deficiency!
The leaves should not be such a light green color!

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