easy watering system

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Rose White

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Just wanted to share how easy it is to water my African violets by using the wick method. First, I soaked the plant and then threaded a piece of yarn up thru the hole in the bottom of the flowerpot into the soil. Then I placed the other end of the yarn into a container of water sitting down in the sink. Now my 3 African violets on my kitchen counter are beautiful with evenly fuzzy leaves and healthy blooms. Every once in a while I add a little water to the container.

Rose White, author of
"Easy Gardens A to Z"


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Thanx for sharing and welcome.
I'm new. I have medical problems so I don't get on too often.
That will work for nearly any indoor plant. Some, just take a cutting and root and keep in water. No watering needs except when the water evaporates.
Kale does that I know,even with bulbs!



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Thanks Rose...great info...I water several house plants this way as I have less and less time...so once a week I can set a few around the sink and leave them and then later get them all back to place they belong

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