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I do not have one but ...

I did have the privilege of advising on the kind of watering system,
roses (varieties) perennials along with the layout and now I get to care for all the roses! And.... I don't have to care for the lawn or the trees but do trim the barberry. Spent blooms still on plants were to encourage hips,which didn't do well.I will try again next year...

Watering system and actual planting was/is up to the contractor


A few pics :)



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Didn't work meant to capitalize the title tried several times
Bob fixed it for me! (smile) It was the title I wanted to be capitalized.
Thanks Bob!:)

Jo,it has been a challenge but I live for it.
So endurance kicked in.
I love all the Roses! (sometimes referred to as mine:) )
Working with these was tons of fun.

Teas are much different to work with *LOL just take all the leaves off when you see a sign of black spot and you are good until the bloom comes.(*LOL)
I have to admit I am a slave to those Hybrid Tea blooms. They always stop me in my tracks with a great magnetic (sorta) force. They just fade all my thoughts away and tell me everything is going to be OK.They seem to bloom with such a heavenly scent full of petals and contrast just when all else seems hopeless for the rose and me, I'm gifted a bloom or 2 (smile) .

While looking for performance we came across this Grandiflora
“Strike it Rich”, which is slightly scented.
All together about 75roses!

Strike it Rich (Yellow/Orange blend) Grandiflora
Easy Going Roses (Peach blend) Floribunda
Double Knockout Roses (Red) single and double
Polyantha (s) - Lovely Fairy Dark (Pink)
The Fairy (Light Pink)
Fairy Dance (Red)

Then there are about 20 Russian Sage and (various) Sedum
and Ornamental Pear trees


It is one of my quiet time projects I do.
Hours can pass me by before I know it:D (cheeseface)

Did you visit the gallery?
You may have to scroll to see the whole pic.

I'm sorry, :confused: how would I know it was you!*LOL:D
little stinker...*lol

Thank you! ;)

Didn't work meant to capitalize the title tried several times

Here's the trick for that (I think...)

The forum software won't see 'My Dog Has Fleas" and differently than "my dog has fleas", i.e. it won't recognize that you change it to caps.

So try a change in spelling, even if it's temporary. Change "dog" to "Dogs", then change that back to "Dog", since the spelling is different, I think it will also change the capitals.

Since things work a bit differently for mods, I can't really test that one, so somebody try it and let me know if it works.
Kale, everything is just beautiful and so healthy looking....when are you coming to Ohio??

Thank-you:) It was truly a labor of Love*lol

How far from Detroit are you?
Hubby said with no traffic ( *LOL!!!!).:D we can hit OHIO in about an hour if he drives*LOL

Thank -you Bob! (cheese face)
Don't worry it will happen again..I have a few threads planned, just a bit busy now until tonight.
I'm sure I'll mess up again!:eek:
May-be someone will mess up before I get back*Lol

I guess your hubby is the human GPS in your household too...lol!! Mine said we were about 4 hrs from Detroit. So that means I am only four hrs from that Double Delight....upclose look at it and a big sniff would be worth the drive ,I am sure!
OH why certainly..... A sight to behold.The scent that gos with it ..heavenly...:D

Hi ALL!!!
How did plants grow this year?
We had a the lowest temps in the history of recorded data! The roses did fine at the Gazebo.
This Years 2009 English Gazebo Early in the season!
They grew like weeds this year!

Click on the link!


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