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Doghouse Riley

New Member
We have a small garden 85ft in length, half 18ft wide, the other 30ft wide.

I added a 3000 gallon koi pool in 1986.

At the time, my wife asked me, "What will we end up with if you decided to get out of the hobby at some time in the future?"

I said "I have a long term plan."

The pool developed a leak in 2019, I considered it too much work to change the liner, so I instigated my plan.

Although I'd done everything in the garden including digging out the pool myself, I got a firm in to fill in the pool with 20 tonnes of eco friendly hardcore and pave it. But I then installed the 71kg fountain (at the age of 79).

This is it the year before I closed it down. The fish went to a good home three doors away. I've been uploading to YouTube annual garden tours since 2013.

This is what we have now.

I like a bit of music when I'm gardening. This is From a decade ago,

So there's been a few changes in the planting, as there has been in the music selections.

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