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Can grapefruit trees grow in GA and do good?

I really love to eat grapefruit but we pay so much for them here to eat them so i wanted to just grow a tree :D
There are cold hardy citrus trees, but I don't know if there are specifically cold hardy grapefruit trees. I think it would depend on your zone, too. Here's a good site to check out, and you might be able to email them for more information.
Florida id a major producer of grapefruit and GA sure is close to FL. But a call to your local extension office would give you an answer you could rely on.
Most citurs can not withstand a "hard" freeze in the south this means below freeering temps for more than 4 hours. There may be new hybrids that are bred for colder climits so checking the et is a great idea. We have minumal freezing most ever year in NE florida and it takes work to keep citrus alive and producing fruit that has not come from below the graft. ( turns sour and had thorns on the tree) Most all citrus is grafted.
I believe it was in the 90's that central Florida suffered a hard freeze ( this is where most of Floridas citurs crops are grown) the loss was horrible. Dead groves everywhere and you couldn't buy a Florida citurs product, the price was so high.
First find your zone, then research to find the most tolorant strain. You can successfully container grow citrus if you get a dwarf breed. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to