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Had several of these show up this year on my hollyhock plants - talk about freaking you out!!! Reach for a bloom & put your hand on one of these big monsters!! E-yow!! :eek:
Great Black Wasp Apparently, they had been feeding well as most of the ones we saw were at least 1.5 inches, some larger. Wish I had taken a few pics of them - maybe this year.
Katydid Killer Wasp - we left them alone as DH knew exactly what they were, from growing up in AZ, but we had never seen them here - zone 5a, over 5,500 ft above sea level.
Don't know why they were attracted to the hollyhock stalks :confused: - not the flowers, just the stalks (might've been easy to hang onto since the stems are hairy).

hmmm.... I'm betting they eat Mormon crickets??:eek: as they are katydids, not crickets at all. That would help explain why these wasps were SO HUGE! Now those bugs are some nasty pests!!! :mad:
That would be a surprise! Mormon crickets, are those the things that look like bald headed babies? We would get them in California. Now those give me the willies!

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Is this a mormon cricket? He was visiting us around the campfire in PA.


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Hi Mare, no that's not a Morman Cricket - they are more like locusts than crickets. You don't normallly see them East of the Miss. They can get up to around 3 inches long. And in Spring here in the West, they swarm by the hundreds & 10s of thousands. ugh.
They will cover a roadway and it will turn slick with their smashed selves. They can devastate any kind of growing crops. :eek:
I guess I'll have to make my pic bigger and start a thread to see if anyone knows what it is. Noone on 2 other forums
I guess I'll have to make my pic bigger and start a thread to see if anyone knows what it is. Noone on 2 other forums
Make the pic bigger!!!!!!!!!
Then we can help you out!
Crabbergal will definitely know !

I cant see it ! Email it to me!

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