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so great to see you here Whit......I sure have enjoyed your words of wisdom over the yrs.....Jules forwards them to me...

Just send me your email addy via a PM in here and then you can get my WWHL direct. Remove the middle women I say............LOL!...........sorry Jules, I couldn't resist.


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Sheesh I missed it too, just like Smiley did. Hi, Sprouting (kale)! Both you and Veg had me stumped. Ok! Kale is Sprouting and Veg is Flowers. Did I get that right? :) I stick to my old name as I'd probably forget my new one. ;)

Lol.... you are like me, I would forget a new one too! the only time I change it, is if where I am signing up does not like the use of the _ in my name. Back too many years to remember, when signing up for my first forum, I wanted to be just smiley_face, but it was taken, so I added on the 2. Now I stick with that even if I don't have to! :rolleyes:


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No it's Thank you, no need to thank me
I am more than happy to help get this forum up and running as it brings joy to my life to be back with all my old gardening friends from years ago.
Sorry if I bugged you too much about getting it up and :D
I knew there would be no problem getting people here as I knew everyone was looking for a place to go. There is just no place like home and this is home for alot of us.:D:D


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She's totally right Bob. Thanks Laurie for letting me know about this FABULOUS new HOME for us! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to