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the more i think about the ivy type of cover this may cause alot of work trying to keep under control??? what i am trying to accomplish is to get this area which is around 8'x60' covered as fast as possible, want it to keep color (of any kind) through the winter months so that this slope is not exposed during that time.
and with suggestions could you please provide some insight on the amount that i will have to plant per size given above which equals about 500 square feet.
thanks for the help...
I used a vinca vine and put in only one in an area that is 8X6 and it covered it in a year now it just grows and gets trimmed by the edger. good luck.
Hi Clemok,
Not sure what zone you are in, and when you refer to "keeping color during the winter months" it would help to know what zone your are in;)
Glad you popped in and we will be happy to give you info.
A problem with some of the most common vines is that a lot of them are invasive. English Ivy for example is one of the most common vines used and it is extremely invasive. If your looking for an evergreen ground cover that is native, the best is called wintergreen or teaberry. Latin name is Gaultheria procumbens. It keeps its color year round, and has red berries in the winter.
You might want to consider herbs as ground cover, again it depends on your zone as to what you can actually plant. ;)
Creeping thyme is one of my favorite!
Woolie thyme is more ornamental and comes in second since it creeps slower then creeping thyme.
Can mix in some of the dwarf lavendars to add interest!
All thrive with little care, and no extra watering is required other then rainfall!
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