Grow More Beans & Fruit than You Can Pick By Increasing Pollination with Leafcutter Bees

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John from unboxes a shipment he gets from that can ship you leafcutter bees that can increase your summer pollination, so you have more beans and fruit you can pick!

In this episode, you will learn more about leafcutter bees, that are docile solitary bees, who can pollinate crops up to 15x better than Honey Bees in your garden, so none of your flowering vegetable, flower or seed crops are ever neglected.

You will learn more about the leafcutter bees that Midas bees provide, as well as the different formats of the different leafcutter beehives and bees they offer. You will discover how to properly set up a leafcutter bee home, as well as where to properly place the home so you can increase your pollination.

You will learn how long the leafcutter bees can live and some of the beans, fruits, and flowers they can help pollinate. You will learn how you can purchase these bees just once, and they can continue to live in your garden year-after-year if you provide them a proper habitat.

You will discover how you can help save these native bees that were grown on wildflowers in the wild, and not farmed on a commercial seed field where insecticides are used.

You will discover how to properly mount the beehouse and where the best place to put them in your garden.

You will learn how far these bees will go to pollinate your crops and if they will fly away or stay in your garden and return year after year.

Finally, John will mount his leafcutter bee house and share you with you his final comments on leafcutter bees and if they can be valuable for your organic garden
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