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Here's a 6 month old Titanopsis in bloom!
The flowers open around 4 pm and stay open all night.
A tray of Tianopsis I haven't potted up yet! Ran out of room for potted plants...I'll be building another plant bench this week so I can pot them up!


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I am so jealous! I just don't have the time right now to do anything. Boy those look great Ron!
You were right telling me to stay tuned! :p Looks very cool Ron - thanks so much for giving us the pleasure of enjoying some of your handy work you took time too do as well!!
Here's a few more that I had to retake due to fuzziness!
Escobaria vivipara:
These two are the size of a golfball and into their 3rd year.
The first one decided it was time to bloom again!
The second one decided that it was time to send out side shoots and is now beginning a colony! Had to move it to the garden from a large tufapot (I made years ago), to give it the room it will need to expand outwards!


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Now for some more....a few are in the garden settling in and developing an extensive root system:
1/Opuntia Knobby/Bumpy with rounded pads that tend to fall off and root! Hoping it will bloom next year so I can better id it.
2/ is Opuntia 'Crystal Tide' which, when it finally blooms, will have white flowers with red centres, Has nasty spines!
3/ Opuntia rutilans, not sure what this one is trying to do, should have red flowers and is almost spineless!


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Now for more seedlings started this year:


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Here's an update on the new plant benches!
The first two.
The area were the 3rd bench will go (will move all the plants tomorrow and remove what I currently have them on)
The newest addition with the same dimensions as the other two, 8ft long by 35"s wide, and 24"s high!
The last two I used untreated 2x2 but use treated wood for the legs!


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I do try!
The weather cooled down so I got the itch to start building!
It takes an afternoon to build one....with lots of short breaks!
It is all cut and hammering and no nails!
Here`s the last on in place.

I`ll be making 4 more, but half the size for display purposes, up on the side of the house, closer to the road to clean up what I`m presently using!
Recycling is ok for a while, but I need that polished, clean look to attract customers! Sales were better then last year so I`m putting the money to build my business to make it better!


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Good job Ron. They are looking good and if you don't put money back into a business then you won't have a business.
Here are the 2 new benches.
Now I have more room to display more plants:
Before and after~~~


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November 2012 seed order

Here's my November 2012 seed list from
All are winter hardy to zone 6 though there are some hardy to even colder zones!!

194.42- Echinocereus engelmannii v chrysocentrus RP75 St George Ut, dark purple spines

246.9- Echinocereus reichenbachii /18/ huge satiny purple flower

246.92- Echinocereus reichenbachii v caespitosus /18/ satiny frilled pink fl

250.605- Echinocereus reichenbachii v baileyi DJF1327 /18/ Medicine Park, Ok

250.609-Echinocereus reichenbachii v baileyi JRT223 Comanche Co, OK, dark red spines

250.701- Echinocereus reichenbachii v perbellus /18/ Belva, OK, 'black lace'

250.729- Echinocereus reichenbachii v perbellus JRT210 Beckham Co, OK, colorful spines

250.7392-Echinocereus reichenbachii v perbellus SB2013 Roger Mills Co, OK, fat stems

250.802- Echinocereus X roetteri AG12P /18/ Jarilla Mts, huge dark red flower

264.2- Echinocereus triglochidiatus JRT171 Fremont Co, CO, giant stems, long spines

359.2-Epithelantha micromeris SB1327 /18/ near Belen, NM, furthest north known

763.12-Mammillaria meiacantha JRT5191 /18/ San Miguel Co, NM, glaucus blue stems

1364.18- Chasmatophyllum musculinum /18/ Kees se berg

1475.63- Delosperma floribundum /18/ ground cover, big pink flowers

1475.84- Delosperma herbeum /18/ small bush, pink - white flowers

1476.58- Delosperma 'Tiffendell' /18/ cultivar with light pink flowers

1522.6- Hereroa aff glenensis /18/Rayona, Tvl, short curved bumpy leaves

1522.7- Hereroa incurva /18/ beautiful flowers and leaves

1847.9- Ruschia hamata /18/ Beaufort West, leaf with recurved hook

1894- Agave neomexicana SB948 /18/ w Artesia, leaf powdery grey

1997.81 Yucca neomexicana JRT251 /18/ Cimmeron Co, OK, dark rosette
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Here's a few surprises after having quite a few nights below freezing!
These Titanopsis are very determined to bloom whenever they get the chance on warm afternoons!
During the summer they opened around 4pm and stay open during the night, closing at sunrise. But now, November 15th, they opened around noon and will probably close once the temps drop this evening! I'll check and see this evening....
No frost damage!


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Oh my what beautiful bloomers! We are almost ready to begin planting the new areas. I need to post some pictures and get ideas fro you guys. I love the cacti gardens and really want to try to expand on that idea in a couple ares I have.
It is the best way to go Nancie!
Raised beds are best for you because of your floding and heavy rains!
You will need fast draining soil/course sand/grit/gravel mix! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to