Hall's Hardy not budded out yet

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I've read all the reviews on Willis Orchard Co. and after I've ordered some trees in the past from them, most of it dies within the first year. Earlier this year I called to complain about my order not surviving and one tree was supposed to be an American Filbert. Turns out it was a rootless Mockernut Hickory. After arguing with management over the phone, finally they sent me my replacements: One Hall's Hardy Almond and an American Filbert. Both had some roots and looked promising to plant. A month later, the filbert died back almost to the root and I pruned it to the ground. Now it's starting to grow small shoots and should survive. The almond tree looked even better with its plentiful roots and over 7' tall with nice green cambium tissue when pruned back or when you nick the bark. This was back in early April and June is hours away and still no buds swelling. The tree is still alive and I've been feeding it some rooting hormone solution once a month. Is there anything else that I can do to stimulate the bud growth ?
You do not seem to be having any luck with bare rooted plants!
Did you plant them in the ground, or in pots?
With any bare roots plants I would pot them up in a good quality soil-less mix!
In a light airy soil-less mix the roots recover quickly, you can gauge the amount of moisture, and they send out buds quicker then planting them in the ground. Once budded out I'd wait for them to grow a bit before planting them in their permanent spot in the ground!
Using this method you bypass the guesswork, and the worry, over whether they will survive, or not!
...and you will save money too!
Mostly planted in the ground. I'll add some composted cow manure into the mixture and liquid rooting hormone (diluted of course).

Sometimes I'll pot them, sometimes not. This one did not.

Where do I get this, "Soil-Less" mix ?
Where do I get this, "Soil-Less" mix ?
It is composted of peatmoss and vermiculite. You can make the mix yourself if you can purchase them separately! Any garden centre will have them!
Our you can buy it pre-mixed!
I use it for transplanting seedlings and repotting larger seedlings! It is also great to start cutting in!
Gotcha. I use some composted cow manure to grow seeds and plantings with great results. I'll go out and wet the bark with the hose a couple times a day. I'm thinking it may be confused about what season it is or just growing roots.

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