Hardy hibiscus care

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Hi! Last summer I planted some hardy hibiscus in my flower bed. They did great all summer and now that it’s March, I’m thinking ahead about all of my gardening plans.
I realized that I didn’t cut them back in the fall, as I’ve just recently read that you should do. If I cut them back now, will I affect their growth for the coming season?? I’m not sure what to do. I’m in zone 6b.
Thanks in advance!!



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Hi Km!
You can safely remove the dead growth.
Best to leave an inch, or two of the stems above ground level just to mark the spot where they are planted.


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You must be in a warm area. Mine are still sleeping and have not surfaced yet! 😴🛌💤💤💤💤
Lol! Mine are definitely still sleeping too. We actually just had some snow last week (hopefully the last). I just never cut them off in the fall! I had hibiscus skeletons in my flower bed all winter 😂

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