Harvesting Roots

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Hey guys, I got a question for those who can help me. I've been looking around the internet for the answer and asking on other forums, but I can't find the answer and I haven't been getting a reply from people. But I was wondering, I'm planning on buying a bunch of herbs from Richters for this spring, and some of the plants I was thinking of buying are only useful through the roots. But I don't want to have to clone or regrow new plants every time after getting the roots. So I wanted to ask, is it possible to harvest only some of the root of plants like ginseng and maralroot and still be able to put it back in it's pot and have it keep growing? Like is there any mixtures or anything that you can put on a cut root to help it heal and still grow? If someone could answer this finally, I'd be really grateful, and I'd finally be able to order my plants saying that this mystery of mine is the only thing I'm waiting on before I order them haha. Thanks again to anyone that helps.


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Welcome Frederick
Sorry I can't help you as I've never heard of it but I'm sure someone will come along and help you.
Glad you found us, we are a bunch of friendly gardeners who help each other out.
Hope to see you around the forums... Have you asked Richters about this?


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What I have found is that growing your own herbs for the roots takes a lot of herbs. Taking a wee bit off the roots means you often don't have enough to make anything with enough potency.


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@ Mainegal - Thanks, and yea that's probably a good idea. Can't believe I hadn't thought of emailing their help desk.

@ Blueaussi - That's true, but usually roots are dried and stored right? So if the plant regenerated fast enough (or if I had more than one plant) it wouldn't be so bad. And thanks for the input too :)

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