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I need to grow a hedge-fast-on the inside of my chain link fence to keep my dog in.
My dog climbs the fence and eats anything viney or delicate -like my clematis. Anyone with a husky understands my plight.
I just want something dense that will keep her from reaching the fence, that won't grow too tall and won't poison her. I have some areas that are full sun with good soil, some that are partial with sandy soil. I am growing in zone 5. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated by me (but not my dog)
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I have outlined a few ideas for you. While I am not schooled on zone 5 , You may want to research these ideas.

Not sure if Spanish Bayonets grow in zone 5. Also know as a Yucca family they have thorns on the tips of the leaves that are no ones friend. They grow fast and can be invasive.

Privits grow fast and dense and may work well.

Wax Myrtle may be the cheapest way tpo go , can be bought any size and produce great cover when planted close together. They also offer great nesting and food for birds. They keep their leaves year round and survive pretty cold temps.
Pampas grass has a saw blade type leaf, grows very dense and makes a great screen type fence. Prtty Cheap too. Draw back , rats love to live in the clumps, but you do have a dog that might keep them at bay.

There are some simple things you can also do to keep you dog from climbing the fence.
Tie a plastic one gallon milk jug to his collar. The larger the dog sometimes you need to add some water. The jug must be tied as close to the collar/neck as you can get it.
They also make anti climb gear for dogs. You can search http://drsfostersmith.com for some other ideas.
Hi, I would recommend Mountain Laurel - if planted close enough to fence otherwise he/she can get behind the plant. They grow quickly, thrive with little care in sun or shade. They are too dense for my dogs to run through.

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