Hi from the Buckeye State

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I guess I should have come to this thread and introduced myself before jumping in and having fun...oops!! I was just so excited to see the rose thread...lol!! I see alot of familiar names....I have a new screen name. I can give you a little hint as to who I am...gobble gobble!! Looking forward to chatting and having lots of fun with everyone.
WELCOME Smelly..........do enjoy, and I 'm sure you will.............:)
LOL, Smelly....lol....maybe the new name was a mistake...you all can just call me Mel. Its short for Melissa. The smelly comes from loving to smell flowers. Plus, I usually smell like some type of flower thanks to bath and body works. I have to tell you all...I am really loving this site, so many neat things. Have the next two weeks off work minus a short trip to Chicago for NYE, will enjoy it here.
I'm one of the rose nuts too and live in Oregon..We are having heavy snow so my roses are happy campers..
Look forward to talking with you more
melanie aka oremudpie
Hello again SmellyMelly...LOL...I know we have meet somewhere...just can not put my nose on it...I am so thrilled you jumped right in ...that means this is the most welcoming garden site around...I look forward to chatting with you around the boards
Hi there, from yet another Oregonian (transplanted though) :p
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I am a transplant too, Kath. I consider myself a "CIO". That means California Improved Okie. I have been in Oregon for 40 years and Californis the 20 years prior to that. I was born in Oklahoma but left there before any memory kicked in. My childhood and early teen years were spent in Texas.
Hi Smelly Melly....and gosh did you get the Smelly part right...so glad to see it took someone else bugging you to get you here...

will you be adding to your rose collection this season ??
Nice to meet ya Smelly Melly. Looking forward to getting to know you.
I enjoy roses too but don't have much luck growing them. I have a few bushes that puts up with me and tries to tough it out. Maybe you can give me some pointers on how to grow beautiful roses. See you in the forums.
Gloria, I think I might know you from another site. I think we traded...your canna for my iris....if so....your canna is one of my favorites and it has put off so many babies that I have given away that Pickaway County is just full of your beautiful canna!!! It was purple leaved with a dark pink bloom.
That sounds like one of mine Melly and I have traded for irises...I think I know who you are now. I'm glad the canna did well for you, the irises are doing great too.
Me too Smelly Melly

I am a BUCKEYE also Mel. Did you watch the Fiesta Bowl the other evening? Great game even tho Ohio lost. "OH..IO" :p
I plan to grow more Roses this spring. I have the Rose Trellises now! ;) Got a great bargain and bought 5!
SandiB, my wife's uncle (John Hallabrin) was quarterback on the Ohio State team that beat USC in the Rosebowl back in the late 30's. He is gone now, but his wife and daughter are still in Mansfield.

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