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Do you love carrots? If so, you'll be excited to know that they are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Carrots are root vegetables, which means they grow underground, making them tricky to grow, but with our tips and hints, you'll be a carrot-growing pro in no time!

How to grow carrots… This is one of the most commonly asked questions when keen gardeners are looking to grow their own vegetables. As well as being an overall great vegetable for a roast dinner or a healthy homemade smoothly they are also a perfect all-year-round crop that is easy to grow.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, these tips on how to grow carrots will help you get a bountiful carrot harvest.

If you are just getting started with growing Carrots, always consider crop rotation from season to season. For more details, please Click Here

Popular Varieties of Carrots to Grow in the UK!​

Carrots are available in different varieties, from the common orange carrot to the more unusual purple and white varieties. Some popular varieties include:
  • Nantes:– Nantes is a popular variety of carrots known for their sweetness and crispness. These carrots are cylindrical and smooth with a blunt end, growing about 6 -7 inches long and have a deep orange colour. It’s a good idea to start with Nantes carrots if you’re a beginner, as they are one of the easiest varieties to grow.
  • Imperator:– Imperators are usually found in supermarkets as they are the most popular type of carrot grown commercially. They have a long, slender shape and a slightly sweeter taste than other carrots. These are thicker than Danvers with higher sugar content, making them ideal for fresh eating. Imperators can be tricky to grow, as they grow in deep, loose soil and need a lot of space.
  • Danvers:- Danvers carrots are a popular heirloom variety that has been around since the 1800s. These carrots are medium-sized, growing about 6 -7 inches long and have a tapered shape. Danvers are deep orange and have a sweet yet earthy flavour. Compared to imperator carrots, they’re easier to grow in heavy and shallow soils.
  • Chantenay:- Chantenay carrots are short, conical roots that are slightly tapered and blunt at the end. These carrots are best to plant in heavy and rocky soils and grow about 6 – 7 inches long. It’s best to harvest these carrots when young, as they can become woody and tough if left to mature for too long.
  • Mini:- As the name suggests, miniature carrots are much smaller than regular carrots, growing only 2 – 3 inches long. These radish-style carrots are ideal for growing in containers and are perfect for those who want to grow carrots without taking up too much space. Some examples of small varieties are Romeo, Babette, and Paris Market. Each of these has different colours, shapes, and sizes.
  • Other Popular Varieties:- Bangor – Maincrop and Early Nantes – Reliable Early

Where can I buy Carrot Seeds?​

We have compiled a list below of dedicated online retailers where you will be able to purchase your carrot seeds at an affordable price.

Cherry Lane Garden Centre – Click Here
Suttons Seeds – Click Here
Robert Dyas – Click Here
Thompson & Morgan – Click Here
B&Q – Click Here
Gardening Direct – Click Here – Click Here

How to Grow Carrots at home in 5 Easy Steps!​

Growing carrots is easy and only takes a little time and space. By following these easy steps to grow carrots, you’ll be harvesting your homegrown carrots in no time.

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