I am just thrilled!

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I was looking at my Asperagus fern today because it has has a new stem growing on it for the last week or so. I repotted this about a month ago or so and it immediatly started to improve an grow more. Well as i was looking at the new stem I was very suprised at what I saw. I hope you can see it in the picture, there are dozens of tiny flower buds! This is the only stem on the plant with flower buds right now. I have seen it flower before bt never with so many buds on a single stem! I will take a follow up pic when it is in bloom in few days:D


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Wow, how cool! I had one in California, but I think I probably killed it with kindness. I never saw one with blossoms. That's so neat!
I've had one for years but it's never bloomed for me. What do you do for it RR. Mine is healthy and has always been nice and green. I usually repot it every other year or so in the spring when I take it out to spend the spring and summer on the deck.
TFS and I look forward seeing it in bloom.
Congrats! Mine is an outside plant and is just now putting on new growth. I need to repot it and add some compost then it will bloom in a few months. I just hate the thorns.
This particular one is a foxtail asperagus fern...it doesnt have any thorns, come to think of it my other asperagus fern doesnt either that I know of..lol Hmm, I will have to look close and see. I cant wait to see this bloom. My other one bloomed during the winter and was so neat to look at, the blooms are sooooooo tiny and cute:D

I can't wait for mine to bloom. I divided the one from my aunt's house (see died almost a year ago) and it defied the odds,taking to life in a pot in my living room. It is the florist's type. I sooo understand your delight RR.
Wow! I'm not much of a fern grower, I deal mainly in Pothos but this one looks beautiful!
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I sure can see those buds!
Isn't that so delicate and pretty!
I tried bringing several in I kill them I just loose track of them in that corner. Only spot for them:(

But...Just seeing yours has made me feel better..very very pretty!


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