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Looking for some help.....

When I planted my garden this spring (late spring), I transplanted tomatoes, peppers, pickling cukes, and a couple of pumpkin plants along with 2 rows of sweet corn, and a row each of peas and beans and transplanted a row of onion sets.

All of the plants I transplanted with the exception of the onion sets, are doing good but the other items from seeds and the onion sets barely are doing anything.

When I planted all the seeds and sets, i sprinkled 10-10-10 where they were planted but no luck.

What can I do different next year?
Idk, however all the seeds I planted this year were all germinated indoors and doing really well. Try germinate indoors?
Both seeds and pre-started plants have their benefits. Seeds are cost-effective and offer more variety, while pre-started plants provide a quicker start. It depends on your gardening goals and patience.

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