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I noticed yesterday that I have tons of daffs coming up so guess spring is coming and not winter. :confused:Got to throw some leaves over them for the winter.... I could dream for a bit that spring was coming....:D
LOL. Laurie, mine are peeking out too but it's a long way from Spring yet. Nature is fooling these babies with the warm sun but the air is still chilly and lots more to come yet. We had better get a blanket over these sprouts and quick!
Daffs are pretty frost resistant so I would worry about them popping up out of the ground! Usually just the tips of the leaves get frost burn! Covering them with leaves will help to keep the ground frozen <--which is a must if you are going to mulch them!!
It's Spring *LOL I'm wishing with everyone else!
Mainegal you sure got my attention with that title!

On a good note it was real bright out today!
The reflection of the sun nearly blinded me.Snow has a way with brightening otherwise dull days.17deg and lowering...

Well town thinks me weird as I am already counting down to spring.....Not weird for a gardener it;)
Vege how many days till spring.
what they don't know is you live in Mayberry usa where everyone knows your name!!!!
I'm still putting the garden to bed and we have snow due over the weekend BURRRRRRRRR !!!
mel...if my brain is back it is 63 days and counting...LOL...and you are correct..on the town my firend.....the post office is like the barber shop thought...
SNOW!!!good grife i have been out of it..
Vege over in mayberry usa, we are suppose to drop into the 20's too beside snow and cold..
bye from the big city on I-5
Laurie you had me going with that title lol! I was half expecting the posting to be from someone in Texas or some other sunbelt location lol!

Bob and I are visiting in Oregon laughing at the "storm watch" for this weekend. While we're in Oregon Iowa is getting hit with it's first winter storm. I wonder if we keep flying back and forth all winter if we'll be able to avoid all the winter storms lol.

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I thought Laurie had lost her mind when I read this, But I too have a few "spring peepers" of sorts around my yard. The volunteer tomatoes have started popping up. One day we freeze the next it's summer.
I thought Laurie had lost her mind when I read this, But I too have a few "spring peepers" of sorts around my yard. The volunteer tomatoes have started popping up. One day we freeze the next it's summer.

Thanks Nancie, Thought Laurie had lost her mind.....:p:eek:
It was 71 here in South Carolina today. Alot of plants are getting fooled that spring has sprung, but I am sure the cold weather will still be coming again soon. My kale and mustard greens patch were killed back some what the other day when the temps dropped to 20. We are getting a lot of warm weather for several days then extremely cold temps for a couple of days.
I find here in zone 5 that Kale does well at 20deg.Just let the temps rise a little and it will bounce right back!
I over winter mine then let them go to flower and display them! Haven't found another yellow to grow as tall as Dames rocket and blend so well.
Almost nobody knows it is kale,they just know it is so pretty *LOL
Collards flower ok but kale is the winner!!
Once flowering is nearly over the aphids usually come, which invite the lady birds (beetles) which starts off my critter working cycle!
Can't wait!

Where did Spring go anyway??? Take me there is where I need to be, where I belong*LOL

I had a daffodil come back up in the fall and bloom! I think it was the end of October. Then a hard frost did it in. i should have cut it and brought it in. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to