JFK rose

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~I could'nt resist...it was whispering as I tried to walk by, "buy me, plant me, buy me, plant me...."

I caved, it came in a handy cardboard box, (those smart Jackson and Perkins folks) that eliminates the huge hole I'd have to dig if it were bareroot. (we shall see if it really works, jury is still out.)
I prepped the soil last year when I put in 3 hybrid teas so all I had to do was tear off the top part of the box, dig a 1X1X1 hole, put the whole thing in, box and all, and hopefully, voila!

It is next to a 4th of July climber; I planted a dwarf burning bush next to the climber...should make for some beautiful color.
I'll post pics when everything starts blooming. ~



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I love rose's to I bought the Peace rose and a Sterling Silver,Mojave.The Sterling Silver's not going to live It look's bad.But the other's have bud's.All the old rose's are covered in bud's will have bloom's soon.The JFK is a beauty and has a strong fragrance..:)

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