Juice anyone?

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Does anyone doing juicing? I started doing this full time last month for my health and it has been helping me with strength and stamina. It is so good for you and give the body almost instant nutrient. I also found when I drink carrot juice in place of a snack it is very satisfying an I dont feel hungry..therefor I loose weight:D

I make carrot and apple juice at least twice a day. Does anyone have any good juice recipies they would like to share?

I have some I will post this afternoon.

RR----I'll be watching for some good "juice" recipes. My "ex" just had me order a juicer for him. I think he's hoping it will give him more energy--and be healthier for him. He has a lot of health problems --among them diabetes, so he has to watch his sugar. Also has only one kidney-that is not functioning well--so has to watch his salt now. Also has to watch his cholesteral! There's not much he can eat anymore-that he thinks "tastes good".
So if anyone has any good recipes--I'll pass them on to him.
My sis does that stuff. She visited once and brought the 'Juicer' with her,she shared some of her drinks and by the time she left,I was so happy to see her take the 'Juicer' with her. Don't get me wrong,I love my sis and all,but I never/ever drank anything so much that made me healthy in all my days!
As for any recipies : I think she used watermellon,tomatoes, carrots, apples,beets etc. and a who mix of different things. ( like I said: Phil was one health man! ) :)
Best of luck to ya!
I have the Juicing For Life book .There's sections for all type of disorders.
Here's a breakfast energy drink for weightloss
Handful of parsley
4-6 carrots greens removed
Parsley sprig for garnish
Bunch up parsley push through hopper with carrots.

Pink Morning Tonic
1pink grapefruit peeled
leave white pithy part
1 red delicious apple seeded
Push Grapefruit through hopper with apple.

Morning Energizer
Handful of parsley
5 carrots 1/2 apple

Green Surprise
1 large kale leaf
2-3 green apples
Lime twist for garnish you want then taste the kale.

Cherie's cleansing cocktail
1/4 inch slice ginger root
1 beet
1/2 apple
4 carrots
Push all through hopper

Zippy Spring Tonic
handful dandelion greens
3 pineapple rings with skin
3 radishes
push all through hopper

Very Berry Cocktail
1 large bunch grapes
1 quart blue berries or blackberries
Sparkling water
Lemon twrist for garnish
push berries through hopper juice directly into small ice filled pitcher.

Ginger Fizz

1/4 inch slice ginger root
1 apple
sparkling water
push through hopper .pour over ice filled glass

Fruit Tea

1 orange peeled leave white pithy part
1 red apple seeded
1 lime wedge
1 quart water
juice fruit place in saucepan add water,and gently heat.

Thats just a few.:)
It's interesting it gives juices for alot of things here's a few,Acne,Allergies,Arthritis,Common Cold,Diarrhea,Depression,Diverticulitis,Eczema,Ulcers,Sore throat,Migraine headaches.
It says recommended juices for immune support
all fresh fruit juices with emphasis on apple,pineapple,blueberry,grape
immune builder
handful parsley
1 garlic clove
5 carrots green removed
3 stalks celery
push through hopper
Wow so happy to see this thread. I just got a juicer and am trying new things. I absolutely love Pineapple with a few marachino cherries added for colou. I will be warching this thread closely. Also made pear and cranberry and it was really good also. I don't know for sure if I can handle carrots but will definetly try them.

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