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My Landlord wants to landscape an area in the backyard with grasses and evergreens. The patch of land is on a slope the land is hard and rocky but I told her Id give it a go. Would love to hear suggestions. I'll try to post a picture of the area later.

Thanks :p
Hey Mari. I just looked at a book yesterday, at the doctors office that had some information in it about growing grasses. It is a Sunset magazine, March 2008 issue. It is an article on low-water plants, and grasses are one of them. Maybe they would have it at the library. We have some grasses that are in the front bed and they are pretty and do not take much water. I dont know a lot about them but I have looked on line about them. There are some pretty ones that change colors with the seasons! Let me know how it goes. Kim
Grasses are wonderful, especially native grasses.

While many of the oriental grasses like the miscanthus garsses have great appeal, many of the native grasses add some rich color and are very drought tolorant.

You can get grasses as tall as 12 feet and as short as 6"

I am fond of Panicums (Native) several cultivars to choose from.

Depending on your area and zone, grasses are good.

Now, what type of evergreens do you have in mind, they might pose a problem for grasses and other plants.

I just planted ( a gift from my neighbor) that real small thin border grass, it never gets very tall and it will grow in to a lush carpet. Not sure what the name is as I did not buy it, but it has a fantastic root base that will hold soil in and it is an evergreen type.
I am not sure what kind of evergreens she has in mind. I do have some short border grass I got at a plant swap. I have been trying to look for a garden plan that incorporates the grasses with trees and maybe some shrubs. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to