Lemon Tree Still Growing!

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My little pretty lemon tree is now over 14inches tall I have recently transplanted it into a larger pot from the cottage cheese container.I have found that it couldn't stay where it has been since germination due to it's growth .
I have a few questions.
One,do you know what kind it may be?
It has thorns.
Do you know how I can help the leaves,I have 3 that are starting to curl; is it lack of light watering issues.I let it dry out a bit then water slowly.I now have it in the bathroom with no direct sunlight but the bright light if the sun shines (west window).
Was in some direct sun, not harsh east. no pest problems although I just learned recently they do have their pest problems.*grrrr.
How long until she fruits and how will I know if it will ?
Oh the stem is it ok? Been like that all the while.

Basically Anything that you know will go noticed:D:D
Didnt I do good so far?*LOL
Not sure what to do next...

Thank YOU!

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Callin' All Pals!!

Hummm..where are our tree Posters!!

Someone..anyone ...*lol

Seems like forever here all alone...:(

I didn't see this posted before, Kale. I tried growing an orange tree a long time ago when we still lived in California. But the oranges were really grown in souther California and I lost the tree the second year. My sister has a lemon tree in her back yard. She lives in the San Jose area south of San Francisco. It's a pretty large tree, about 15 feet tall. San Jose has a climate that is more temperate than the Sacramento Valley and it rarely freezes there. But my sister gets two kinds of lemons from her tree. Some of them are huge, about the size of a grapefruit. The skin is very thick and the lemons are worthless. But on the same tree, she also gets regular sized lemons and they are good ones. I could be wrong, but I think all lemon trees have thorns.
HI Randy! Good see you!

Were any of these trees started from seed?

You wouldn't know if you need male/female lemon tree to get lemons would you?

I don't plan on a 15foot tree*lol And 2kinds of lemon seem interesting.Are the yukk lemons coming from a side/sucker shoot that was not pruned in it's early days? Did she grow it from babyhood? Wow would love to that tree*LOL

I'm curious to know abut the leaves not looking too good,I think it happened last year, then just stopped and was fine.

Wonder why yours didn't make it?

I wonder if some kind of cross pollination was going on to get the different kinds of lemons on one tree? I grew up in SoCal and we had a grapefruit tree and an orange tree. They had to be the most neglected trees but they put out lots of fruit...especially the grapefruit tree as we didn't eat many of those lol!

I suspect Randy's trees didn't make it due to a freeze, northern california can get nippy in the winter.

I have seen some pretty large lemon trees but if you have it in a pot it will probably not get as big as "in the wild".

Dora/Garden Goddess
Citurs trees are all grafted. Those that are not such as thoses with thorns( thorns all so mean the tree could have frozen and come back below the graft) are grown from seeds and they are usually of no value for fruit. There are exceptions where you can use the fruit to make marinades and such but for eating in general they are no good. It is sad but true. When you buy citrus trees they have a "knot" near the first branch from the trunk , ( kind of like roses) that is the graft. It is easy to do if you have a "sweet" fruit that was previously grafted. Have you seen the trees that grow all types of citrus on one tree? They have been grafted together.
The tree Randy is talking about with the 2 fruits most likely was frozen at some point and only part of the tree recovered. I have had the same thing in oranges. Eventually as the tree suffers more freezes it will become all wild. We usually just cut them down at that point if they are in a spot that might make a mess with the uncollected fruit. Even the wildlife won't eat the fruit not even wasp and bees.
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Crabber any clue as to what I am going to have leaves wilt slowly...
what kind of tree do you suppose I am growing form seed? I'm just growing it for fun,it is a very pretty plant.SO you are saying if it has thorns,the fruit if I ever get any is just ornamental,correct?
If yes,that is fine.

Are 2 trees needed to get the fruit?
I will have to flower to get fruit correct?
How many years from seed before a flower shows it's pretty face?


You Whoo....:eek::eek::eek:. I still need help! :(
Anyone here to help!:D:D
I put the newly potted Lemon Tree baby back near the East window and the leaves are still curling, now turning dry/brown and dying.... help please....I checked for bugs, haven't seen any,doesn't mean they are not there *lol I'm going to wash all leaves again.
Maybe it doesn't like the pot or ...it is just going to take time to settle in.I cant remember what I did last year for this problem Grrrr

Any info on my indoor Lemon tree baby will be noticed:D
it sure can't balance on the tiny shelf much longer*LOL

Thank you!

Nobody knows about my widdle baby teeny tinnie tree.
It is still alive:)

The leaves are rippled.

Thank you for any chat you did give me on this subject.

I had a lemon tree I started from a seed that had sprouted inside a lemon for almost 15 years. Put it out every summer and brought it in for the winter. One fall after bringing it in, the leaves started curling and falling off. Not until the sun hit it right one day, did I notice that it was covered in tiny red spider mites. It died. The most wonderful part of it was that if you crushed a leaf up the smell of lemon was completely exhilerating.
So sorry to hear about your lemon tree that must have hurt:(

Did you have thorns and did it produce flowers or fruit?

No leaves falling, they did brown for a while,I trimmed them then eventually took some off.
I think it had something to do with the coffee grinds and watering too much.I neglected it and it seems to be doing a tad bit better.I washed all leaves with plain water first and did see (after deep inspection) tiny mites at that time. Kept an eye on it and it seemed to be gaining strength 2 new leaves and the ones I cut and left on are fine.A few are still curling..wavy ...the others are downward facing as to being horizontal and happy looking.

I think the stress may be caused by a lighting issue and watering issue, maybe needs more humidity?? My house is very dry with the forced air..

My lemon tree did have thorns but never flowered therrfore no fruit. I had to prune it back several times as I wanted to keep it in the house, it got about 10 feet tall. The stump or base got about 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

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