Let's Talk Protoplasm and Auxin *lol

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Can you name the Scientific name one would call the study of
"plant's reaction to unnatural trauma" ?

Let's Talk "logy" endings and More.
I think I have a train of thought to follow that will lead me to the recovery or not of my damaged soil and plants.

I took this from Ron's Bump to Wintersowing, didn't want to hijack that subject.
Hopefully Blueaussi can meet me here:D:D And we can continue what I perceived to be a very interesting conversation.

"I still have a few weeks thought I'd study Morphology (the study of form)and Physiology (which is the study of behavior) in hopes it will teach me how to amending the grounds after my ill intended chemical damage occurred."

Blueaussi : "Physiology is the study of mechanical and/or biochemical functions of an organism, not its behavior, although it can affect an organism's behavior. Ecophysiology comes a little closer to what you're talking about, but I think plain old Ecology is what you want."

My new reply.I think I said this correctly if not be brutal and correct me PLEASE!

My above statement was simplified.
I have an understanding in the fundamentals in ecology. I want to go as far deep as one needs to get; to overturn the damage in the ground and within the plants.
My train of thoughts are focused on Auxin repair and
Protoplasm which bring us the end result of a plant we are viewing.(simplified) .

Would you agree”? One or more steps deeper in thought.
Although Physiology is the (natural) study of mechanical and/or biochemical functions of an organism,( function (as a verb) which draws me to the behavior, (action ie verb)
The study of the “natural” breakdown within the breakdown there is an action which is the “behavior” how it works together.
Activities: (again an Action word ie a verb)

I am in need of knowledge of how to amend the excess of Auxin.
I am hoping that is the chemical (hormones) parts that are damaged due to my observation to the plants and soil’s physical and non physical behavior and (it’s) their reaction to the chemicals.
Ecophysiology, yes that too, all together...

I have to first understand completely the Natural general structure of plant life, then the break down of different plants, then the physical behaviors and chemical usage, and break down of the damaged plants. Now, not knowing the natural of said plants I can jump to the reaction of chemical because that information will assist in the latter as I read along the current knowledge I wish to obtain and retain *lol
So here is what I have so far.
I know the plant names and class. I have a general feel of / about the root system (scientific) action it takes in a natural environment and how it (in general) reacts to water light and oxygen and gravity.* My goal is to find out what killing chemical is used to destroy plant life in the fashion in which I have observed. Not knowing the said name of the exact chemical I have to go with the plants overall response. Not knowing how much or how often may cause or result in an incorrect conclusion.
Being many facts and information are not readily available, therefore conclusive results will not occur.I do however have/had the plants to "talk to me" ... (*lol) before their demise..Which is what I am going on for now.

I understand this is a tall order but I hope to be able to skip some steps and catch them as I learn, they will be mentioned as a matter of facts so that will lessen my time span.
Next, I have this thought I am riding… Auxin damage it is a chemical (hormone one of 4 (or 5 , depends on source) that many plants own up to thus far.) Protoplasm, physical and chemical make up and how they react to loss or additives!
Now once I find this info out I can repair and revive or not my soil and plant life .

Blueaussi ,
What is it called that I need to learn to figure a repair?
I think it is a host of unknown "logy" words"*LOL
I'm sure it will call for knowledge in may other words not ending in logy:eek::eek:

Help me out here:)
Thank YOU!


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