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I had an old, four foot iron and ratan shoe rack that made the perfect trellis for my Mandevilla once the shelves were removed. Sorry about the date on the second pic..I for got to reset it on my camera after changing batteries.


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Thank you I will read when I have time...Thank you very very much I have been looking in my books and ended up in how to pruning trees and identify all those branches..*LOL

It was Maribeth that was asking about this plant...she has been very busy and unable to get on for a bit of time ...I shall tell her of your post ...she will be thrilled...thanks for posting th elink Gloria
Hummmm don't go confusin me I have enough confusin' goin' on *LOL

Is Maribeth user name Mari-Jo?(Ontario, Canada)

I may have posted it for Maribeth if they are two different ladies.

If so, it is the both of them *Lol

I have a reply email from Mari-Jo((Ontario, Canada) after I sent her the link.
Say Hi to Maribeth:) Thank you!

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