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My melons were doing wonderful with this hot weather and humidity. I thought I might finally get some this yr. Came home from work today and most of the leaves are gone. These are planted in containers and I do have chicken wire around them to keep the deer out. The cukes, pole beans, watermelons, taters, were not touched. I'm thinking it was a bunny or the woodchuck is back. Going to put some hot sauce in water and spray them after I water in the am. Got to look up the recipe for Crabbers Hot Pepper Spray but got to do something now so will make it up tonight and let it sit.
I feel your pain Laurie, the japanese beetles have had a field day on my green beans. I have been on patrol and hand picking them many times during the day. The container of soapy water that I have been putting them in is getting kinda smelly, but I think that it is deterring the buggers.
Laurie if you can't find it let me know. To lazy to type it in now :p
Oh can I cry with you. I had been watching this softball size tomato, waiting to pick it. It just started to blush red and I thought OK I will leave it on the vine one more day. I saw it as I was driving up to the house from work it was a beautiful thing. So I change real quick with great anticipation of picking a vine ripe tomato. And whamo! I grab and the whole backhas been eaten out by either a opossum or a squirrel. :mad:Are ya thinking I wanna say a nasty word , well you're right! Little #%$*@%$#! I say we eat them!
Guess if you're hungry enough people will eat just about anything!
Since it is all cut up most people wouldn't even think about where the meat comes from!
LOL!!! You are right Ron. I had some old neighbors that would eat anything that didn't get away! I had raccon stew and it was really good but I am not the person to go seek that stuff out. Or to kill , clean and cook it . I found where something took the side out of one of my pumpkins too. :( It was getting big. I had told my grandbaby she could have it for halloween. :( I still have a few but wonder if I can protect them. I think this might have been a deer or a cyote is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to