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I have a new devil's ivy plant and after a few days of having this plant I noticed it has gnats and I was wondering how can I get rid of them without killing the plant? any good home remedies I can try? I read on some websites that if I spray the plant with dish soap and water in a bottle that would get rid of them but I was wondering if theres any other ways?

another thing I noticed is that the leaves are kinda wilted and curling up and was wondering how can I treat this? I found this plant outside in the alley in the middle of no where it looked somewhat healthy but just needed to be cleaned up and all the dead leaves removed so I decided to keep it and take care of it
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I can't help ya on your gnat problem...someone will come along & help ya soon.. I am sure.
I use a neem product from Schultz called Schultz Garden Safe 3-in-1. It has the benefit of being a fungicide and an insecticide so it clears up any bug's and ends any rot. Since chemicals are expensive, I usually just do a drench once and see how well it works. Most often once is enough. Wait and see how well the first drench does. Give it a week and if you see gnats again do another drench.

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it's getting to much water and the soil isn't drying out

I've had that happen with some of my houseplants in the past

did you pot it or someone else?
alot of the so called potting mixes anymore don't have enough addatives for adequate drainage you might need to repot it using some vermeculite is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to