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Was wondering if anyone was interested in playing a Critter Game.The poster can either post their pic with no information except for where they found it and time of year; or if you don't have a pic, you have to give a few hints on the critter, any fact you may know about it.
To prove your naming is correct you can then post a link to where the pic is after a few guesses.

The winner then posts their question or picture.

Hope all Gardening Posters are interested...Butterflies are included.

Here is my 1st one. Found on a rose in September.

Any questions?

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Thanks for visiting and as far as your guess, may I say No, try again.

Need a bigger pic?

Here you go, may help.

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Been looking for a another shot ...been searchin....
Hang in there I will find one....eventually...

I found another OH my! too many pics! *LOL
Here you go if this one doesn't tell you I'll have to find a bumble bee pic for you.:D

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Is it a carpenter bee? I had a nest in one of my deck floor boards last year and we had to replace it. Boy do they really decimate it.:(
Post a critter Sashweezy!
I love to guess:D:D

A Bumble Bee
A Bumble bee with another bee...or is it?

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I don't have anything that's hard to identify but here's a 'cute' one, but you have to tell me what it's eating.


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looks like the tail of a skunk or cat*LOL

Come on' you have to have a pic of a critter!!

Do you know who is flying next to the bumble bee in the left picture?

Well I'll be darned...

......even with a degree in Biology, I never knew that carpenter bees collected nectar and pollen! :eek: Just proves once again that one is never too old to learn something new!:D BTW, your photography is great!! :cool::cool::cool:
Yes it's hard to believe, but carpenter bee's re beneficial. To be so destructive boring into wood they do a lot of good, pollinating flowers and vegetables just like other bees. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to