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Inside on a Windowsill, anyone else Ever done it.
Anyone now when I'll get Flowers?
The Seed Packet just say's Summer... ***Shrug***


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I have alaska also but its not the scarlet either. I also have top gold, top apricot and Empris of india, jewel box. I love with you did with the trelis in the window..that is great, you should get good flowers.

I think the Alaska nasturtiums are characterized by variegated foliage. The flowers aren't all orange, but they aren't a "scarlet" red per se either.....They are very cool nasturtiums, though....

Did you all know that they are supposed to repel rabbits and other critters?
Thats interesting..I dont have rabbits here but its good to know. Wish they would repel cats!!
You can eat the flowers and leaves also just like salad.

How do you start the seeds? Are they a soak overnight seed? I have 2 packages of the jewel mix seed I would like to start them tomarrow I just started my MG soaking today
I like to soak mine for at least 24 hours before planting. I've also used the wet paper towel in a ziplock in the oven to get them to sprout faster.
For those who have Nasturtiums Growing, Please can you post a Photo of the Buds when they 1st show? I need to know what I'm looking for on mine
Thanks All
Thanks for the Link, but I'm looking for Photos when they are Teeny Tiny... Think I might have some but I'm Really not sure... Camera is not good enough to get photos of things this Small
I'll see if I can take a Photo of my what I think are Flowers.... Dunno if it'll work thogh... Like I said Camera Not Really good enough...
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