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Okay, well I've notice since the daylight hours (Photo-period) is getting longer my Nepenthes are starting to develop some brand spanking new pitchers! Knowing that Nepenthes are a Tropical plant, they well some species enter kind of a dormant state (not like temperate plants) But they usually keep growing out leave but not pitchers until near spring. An recently I've notice that the Tendrils are growing and some pitchers are starting to balloon! Below are some pictures.

The Music Part

Recently, I've started a little project since I've heard A LOT of people on Flytrapcare forums and Terraforums and other parts of the Inter-Webs Say that certain kinda musics have effects on the growth of plant growth. So the picture I also enclosed are part of the little evil experiment :D HEHE. Well for the past few months I've had my N. Sanguinea exposed to some Death Metal (i.e. Death, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Job For A Cowboy so on and so forth) an it seem to really speed up the growth! The pitcher that's ballooning got from a single point on the tendril to being almost an inch tall in less than 24 hours. The leave that's growing got that big in about the same amount. I've notice the same results on several of my Nepenthes, Sundews and a new Venus Flytrap. Enjoy!

More pic's to come!


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That's cool. I think the vibrations play a large part in the positive effects of growth. Back in the 70's I left music on 24/7 for my indoor plants.
My son grows a variety of pitcher that is so beautiful. I'll see if I can get a pic to post. He found it growing wild in the woods. I am waiting for a chance to get a start from it.
I sowed Sundew and Pitcher seeds in late December (seed from! These guys are winter hardy to zone 3!
They are ourdoors going through their cold treatment!
Hoping they germinate when it warms up in a few weeks.
I'll be bringing the pots indoors for their germination and stick them under my growlights in a few weeks!
Should be fun!
I'll be creating a bog garden for them come spring!

Allen, you gave me a few great ideas on how to grow them. Thanks!
I'll be definitly using distilled/rain water, and not lake water to water them.
The lake water is hard water as is the cistern water we have delivered!
Cool!!...I always have some type of music on here in the house and in the greenhouse during the day...I really do think it makes a difference...but then I talk to all my plants and swear they talk back...he he he
cool..I've also heard of the effects of music on plants, it's just that i imagined the positive effects would come from blues and romantic, guess i was wrong on that is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to