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Is anyone going to try some new flowers next year? Going to add more of something you liked last year? Not bother with something you didn't like last year?

I am adding more calendula, snapdragons, and pansies next year, mostly because when it turns cooler they keep on going. The longer the better to me.
my snapdragons lasted a long time this fall, i'm going to make sure i start some from seed soon
Dee helped me get addicted to Iochromas and they are absolutely wonderful. I will be planting more this year.
I usually just wander through a garden center and buy what looks pretty to me at the time. I love my gardenias, ameryllis, lantana, climatis, roses, ginger elephant ears and all the other plants that come back year after year, but my biggest wish is that I could get a field of bluebonnets started. They are reseeders here but they just haven't been easy to get start for the last few years. Used to have the fields and pasture full of them. I may get some gladiolas going this year. And zinnias, and bachelor buttons, cone flowers and such.
I got a few bluebonnets to grow in my garden where I water alot last summer but it just wasn't a bluebonnet year you prune the elephant ears back after the frost or freeze or whatever? I've never raised them before and they look awful now.
I'm thinking I should find something to put under my tree for color but I don't think I want coleus again this year, Rain would make everything grow better.
It's all going to be new to me this year as I'm in a new zone lol! I want to include some "tried and true" that I saw growing in other gardens here but I want to try some other stuff as well. Mostly I saw day lillys, coneflower and rudbeckia. I think my biggest concern is finding plants that can deal with the wind that we get here.

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Lyn, I had 3 bluebonnets come up a few years ago, let them go to seed and nothing happened the next year. I think rain is the magic word. Texas was like a desert last year. Even the native plants looked sickly unless I watered a couple of times a day. I usually just cut the dead looking elephant ears off.They're not going to look good again until new leaves come on, and down here, the potatos are safe to leave in the ground. Same with canna lilies. I think if we have a nice spring, I'm going to dig the whole canna beds up (I've got 4) work the ground real good, compost and then replant the bulbs. They got pretty ratty looking last year and not even half of them bloomed.
Kolanches are going into bloom now though. I have quite a bunch of the red ones. Alligator plants are flowering too. Nice little spot of color for the winter.

Dora, new is good. Sometimes I'd like to dig all my flower beds up and till up new ones and move everything around. This spring I want to introduce a lot of herbs into my garden and flower beds too. I'm just praying for rain!! All we've even gotten this winter is a bit of drizzle off and on. Not sufficient!!
Don't really have anything in mind, but will see if there is a new Coneflower.:)
Maybe look out for some tall Phlox..........I did some moving around this last fall. Oh, looking for a perennial that is only about 8-10" tall................other then that, will have to see what catches my eye......:)
Marie I have a few bluebonnet seeds if you need them. It was bad last year when it comes to rain. I am hoping we get some more rain this year. I don't think it has rained since my daughter visited last year. It rained the whole time they were here. Maybe they will bring the rain back when they come next month.
I'm not going to plant alot this spring since I'll be taking classes and won't have time to work as much as I usually do. I'll just put in some tomatoes, peppers and onions. Then of course my herbs. This isn't going to be the year to be going whole hog on the garden. I put in some easy annuals and let the perennials do their thing.
I'm thinking I should find something to put under my tree for color but I don't think I want coleus again this year, Rain would make everything grow better.

Impatiens maybe? Portulacca is pretty drought tolerant, I dont know how well it does with shade though.
New stuff~

I usually just wander through a garden center and buy what looks pretty to me at the time.

Golly, I can't help but pick up stuff while I'm there! DH knows if I go by any gardening store in spring/summer, it's going to cost! LOL! :p

There are a few things I am actively looking for this spring - other than these, it'll be whatever catches my eye - esp if I haven't tried it before. :rolleyes:

ANY Foam Flower
ANY Crown Imperials 'Stink Lily'
ANY Unusual violets
ANY Helleborus or Royal Helleborus
ANY Daphne (plant)
Just this ONE sedum - Sedum sieboldi 'October Daphne'


I plan to grow some more climbing lilies, hardy hibiscus. I want to build up my canna beds and build beds down the sides of my fences and grow veggies and marigolds, corn, bush beans, mini pumpkins and gourds. I have 2 or 3 more raised beds I plan to build or have built for my food source. I have it all mapped out.

Oh yes, I am trying an assortment of zinnias, coneflowers, violas, thinning my daylilies, and Lily of the Niles. I have quite a few plants in containers that I want to arrange in some eye-catching way.
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I was just looking through a seed catalogue and found a new one I have to try this year. Its California Poppy, California Mission Bells. I also want to plant alot more delphinium.
Has anyone grown this plant?
A friend has a baby and is willing to share:D!
Would like to buy one anyway.

It looks like the cushion spurge (Known as) but looks like

that was a beautiful plant for 2 years then became a wanderer every where and the stems are poisonous made me itch till the wolves came out*LOL

I love the foliage and the cushion spurge was a beautiful winter interest plant it turned all shades of yellow reds & oranges and if it wasn't a spreading beast I'd still have it.*LOL I probably still do...

I will check out ALL your list soon*LOL

Kale, I grew some of the Helianthus last year. I think it had a different variety name but it looked much the same. It did very well...I was a bad bad girl and didn't collect any seeds but I will be better this year and get a bunch to share. My soil is not that great...clay, clay, and more it didn't get real tall.....its probably for the best because the wind would have just knocked it down. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to