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Hi, so this is my first year gardening and it was all going well until it didn't.

So I noticed spotted cucumber beetles about 2 weeks ago. I sprayed Sevin on the cukes and sqaush to kill them, and I was all good.

Until yesterday, when I found more, and that the summer sqaush was wilting. Today it is wilting REALLY, REALLY BADLY. I'm thinking it may be bacterium wilt.

Also, some of my pickling cucumbers have yelow-turning leaves with brown spots, the raider cucumbers have been turning lighter and lighter for several weeks, and my spegghetti sqaush has a few brown, shriveled up leaves.

And just in case anything can spread to my other plants, I also have tomatoes, peppers, onions, brussels sprouts, peas, carrots, lettuce, swiss chard, cauliflower, and kale.


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Hi BW!
Sounds like the dreaded squash borer! Check the base of each plant....BTW it goes after cucumbers and all squash species....does not go after any other species of veggy...
The damage happens quickly and you will notice disfigurement of the base of each plant/vine infected....since they bore into the plant it is difficult to use any pesticide to control them at this point...look for holes and use a wire....insert it into the hole (there are usually more then one per plant) and gently move the wire in and out to kill the grubs...
Here's a good article you can follow:
:confused: Oh darn.

I'll do my best.
Also, what causes young summer sqaush to rot near the blossom end? A few of my sqaush had that.

And do stink bugs pose much of a threat? I noticed some stink bug larvae on some of my tomatoes.

Yeah, nature hates my garden. :(
Here are a few pics of the squash and cukes. Cuke 1 stands for pickling cucumbers. There are also speghetti and summer squashes.

I looked at the base of one of the sick cuke plants and I did not see any holes or anything.


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