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Have two planters with money plants that have thrived for the past several years, to continue the coverage we
built a new wood planter from thick mango wood boards, 60" x 24", painted the interior with 100% acrylic paint and let dry for 7 days, filled it with first w/ rocks 3" on the bottom then layers of compost and soil to a height of 18 - 20, watered once and came back 3 days later and found the surface was covered with what looks like grease ants, little black dots moving everywhere when we started to turn the new soil
maybe the soil that was used was contaminated with them..........
we spread fresh coffee grounds lightly and used a well diluted mixture of macacid-50 and neem oil and lightly sprayed the surface, have used the macacid 50 on the other plants when ever there was an infestation of unwanted pests and also the neem oil periodically with no negative on the second floor and am concerned about getting off on the wrong tact with this new growth, it can be fixed now easier than later, is this the right direction ?? all comments are appreciated......
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