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I'm a fairly new gardener and last spring I planted astilbe in our shade hosta garden to try to add some color. I had leafy green come up from the ground, but it never rose above ground level. It basically spread out along the ground, and never put out any shoots. I know that the first year may not produce blooms, but I wasn't expecting it to stay at ground level. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or suggestion? I thought I planted according to directions. Could this be caused by planting too deeply? Just looking for suggestions to prevent the same from happening next year.


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Hi sranna.
Welcome to our forum!
Astilbes are perennial, and being newly planted they usually do not flower the first year.
Astilbes can be a bit finicky as to how deeply they are planted....the crown of the plant needs to be level with the soil surface.
You may need to dig them and reset them a bit higher!

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