Onion Bread

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My Favorite onion bread

3 cups warm water
3 cakes yeast
1/4 cup sugar or honey
salt = NONE***
5 tablespoon oil
2 packs dry onion soup mix
there salt in the onion mix
combine water, yeast and sugar or honey
stir until yeast dissolves
add half of the flour and dry onion soup mix, beat with a
spoon until batter is smooth
add remaining flour and blend
pour oil over dough knead dough for about 3 min.
cover bowl and let it rise until it double, about 45 min
Punch down and turn out on to a floured board knead lightly
shape into two loaves place in buttered pans
let rise again until doubled or about 30 min.
preheat oven to 400, bake for 30 min. or until done

* if your using salt free butter you can add 1 teaspoon salt*

I try to find other ways to add flavor with out adding salt


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Randy, I've never like the taste of salt and now that I can't use or use very little in my food, I found other ways to make things taste better without using lots of salt I've change lot of my recipe so I can use them with out salt, there to much salt in many of the food we buy all ready


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You are right about that. If I use a canned soup in a recipe, there is no need to add more salt.

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