Online Recipe Sharing Formats?

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Staff member
Does anyone know if there is a well supported and commonly used recipe database out there?

When Jackie sold the site her and I were working on a recipe section, and at that time I'd even downloaded some recipe program that allowed you to catalog the recipes and sort them etc.

I can't recall what it was called, but at the time it was pretty popular. (Sorry ladies, my favorite "recipe" is "microwave until hot", so I'm not a lot of help here...)

Anyone have a suggestion for a good format?


New Member

Bob, I don't know of a particular database, but I'd like to suggest a few features to look to in one:
Sort options
1 sort by submitter so if you like someone's recipe you can look at their other recipes
2 sort by meal course (entree, dessert, etc) & able to add to more than one course indicator
3 sort by ingredients (what you have on hand)
Here are some sites that have great searches like that

All Recipes Recipe Matcher Recipe Key ivillage Recipes

4 sort tags for indicating Sugar Free recipe or Low Fat, etc
5 simple print version of the recipe available
6 Able to upload photo of completed recipe

And here's a biggie - if possible - a freeware version available for members to download so they can up/download straight into a similar database (ok, I admit, I may be dreaming here! LOL!):p

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