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I got two new orchids for Valentines day, one is a dendrobium, one is a phalenopsis(sp), I know that some of you out there grow them, give me some tips. I read online that they only want 3 tablespoons of water per week, that is kinda hard for me as I always drench my plants when they are dry, but if I have to control the water more I will. I have given Bruce the hint to keep his hands off of the watering can and leave it up to me.
I have both and can honestly say I have killed both too. Dont over water them and dont underwater them. My biggest downfall wa not checking out the orchid dish better and as a result my orhcids were getting no water at all I had them on humidity trays and thought water was leaching in the bottom only to find out there where no holes in the bottom and there wasa second plastic pot inside the outer pot good luck. Once you get it all figured out and you and the orchids adjust to each other they are alot of fun I now have Catts mounted on rug beaters. I also have phals, dends and Intergenetics. Someoneelse may be able to give you better advice I have been learning by trail and error
Don't overwater orchids or you will kill them for sure. Only give them a small amount. I also water with orchid fertilizer also which I have had good luck with both. Hope this helps you alot. And also keep them so they get some light also.

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