Oregon spring tom

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A few years back when I was on GG I had gotten some tomatoes from a guy that has a whole bunch of seeds of differant kinds he had harvested. One of them is the Oregon Spring tom. Well I planted some this year just for kicks, didnt know if the seeds were still good or not. Turns out they are growing just fine now:) So I would like to know, does anyone know anything about the Oregon Spring? I dont really know anything about it. Another I am wondering about is the tiny tim tomato..I have seeds for that also but have not tried them yet.

I was given some Oregan Spring tomato seeds that I planted in peat pots a week ago but this is my first time growing them. I can't offer any information about them River Rock. I hope they do well for you and me. I think I have the tiny tim too but had planned to grow them in a hanging basket or container.
Thanks sunflower, looks like it will be a good one. I am getting some differant "odd" tomatoes this year als so hope to harvest seeds latter in the fall. I am growing the pineapple and black toms for the first time..heirlooms. I am excited to see how they do. I am also trying my hand at hanging basket toms for the first time. Lot of neat new stuff this year:D

So far the plants I have on order are:

Orange boy
Ping Pong
Eve Black
Striped Cavern

I am looking for some heirloom pepper plants also but have not found those yet. I would like to get the sweet banana and Orange bell and a good sweet frying pepper.

I grew Eva Purple ball last year, is that the same as the Eva black? It was a really nice tasting tomato that did well for me. I'm trying the Striped Caravan this year.

Have you checked Seed Savers (http://www.seedsavers.org/Items.aspx?hierId=68) or chileplants.com? They may require that you order more plants than you're looking for, but I have ordered from both and can recommend them for the quality of their plants. The chilewoman (http://www.thechilewoman.com/) does a nice, job, too, and is always willing to answer any questions about her varieties.

Beware the chileplants.com site, it's pepper porn. Even if you don't order from them, looking at all the pictures and varieties is fun.

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